Classic GP TT Assen 13-15 sept 2024

Classic GP TT Assen 13-15 sept 2024


Three days of sights and sounds from a revolutionary racing past in the ‘Cathedral of Speed’, September 13 – 15  2024 at TT Circuit Assen – Holland.


Legendary single-seaters, classic sports and touring cars and authentic Grand Prix bikes will marvel the crowds in the ‘Cathedral of Speed’ during the TABAC Classic GP, September 13 – 15 at TT Circuit Assen – Holland. Iconic racers on two, three and four wheels on the famous ‘Circuit van Drenthe’ Grand Prix venue will offer impressions from a revolutionary racing past. Whether fans would like to catch up with former racers and their crew, show off their own pride and joy or just love the idea of admiring racing heritage at a legendary race track; in the late summer the TABAC Classic GP Assen offers just that.


Do you own a classic and do you wish to share it with the TABAC Classic GP Assen crowd? We have limited show parking space available available inside the paddock for classic cars or bikes built before 1995. After ordering your classic show parking experience please send the name and type of vehicle to [email protected].


From the 50s to the late 90s five decades of dangerously fast car racing produced some of the most iconic racing cars and divisions in motorsports history. The TABAC Classic GP Assen will host some of the best racing from that era including legendary single-seaters, vintage Le Mans sports cars and divisions that enabled car racing for the masses with souped-up 70s touring cars.


In its 75-year long existence the FIM Motorcycle Road Race World Championship hosted some extraordinary grand prix racing bikes. Starting out in the 50s with rumbling 4-stroke machines, the highly efficient 2-stroke technology took over the world stage in the 60s and 70s with its domination lasting well into the millennium. Meanwhile ‘privateer’ tuners entered their own creations in the world championship. Classic GP Assen honours machines and riders from the past by reuniting them with the famous Dutch TT race track.


The Dutch Vintage Sports Car Club (DVSCC) aims to offer owners of pre-war sports cars, including ‘sports tourers’ and ‘race cars’, the opportunity to enjoy their cars in a recreational way. Members’ cars are classified as ‘Edwardian cars’ built between 1908 and 1919, ‘Vintage cars’ built before 1931 and ‘Post-Vintage cars’ and ‘Thoroughbred sports cars’ built before 1940. At DVSCC events, the focus lies on responsible driving skills and proper knowledge of the driving characteristics of the car. All participants and participating cars must meet the safety requirements that apply at a particular event. In addition, each member and each participant is responsible for presenting their pre-war car to the best of their knowledge and ability in an excellent and well-maintained condition. The DVSCC was founded in 2005 and has since acquired a solid position in the Dutch classic car scene.


On Saturday the 14th. of September of the TABAC Classic GP Assen moped owners and fans get the famous Grand Prix green light to immerse themselves in the ‘moped era’. With over one thousand mopeds the JMPB BromfieTTs, which takes place inside the TABAC Classic GP Assen paddock, is the biggest moped event in the country.

For moped riders and their passengers it’s all about showing off each others pride and joy whilst enjoying the experience of cruising the legendary race track. As a visitor a reunion awaits with mopeds from your childhood, or even from your father’s or grandfather’s childhood. If you wish to join them on your own moped riding the TT course order your tickets here.

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